Today marks ten years since the passing of Tony Wilson (10 August 2007), the impresario that gave us Manchester’s The Hacienda, Happy Mondays, Joy Division and a lot more besides…

Watch Wilson in full ‘this charming man’ interview mode, in an interview with Channel 4’s The Tube, from 1984, explaining the thinking behind Factory Records,how to  fall ‘in’ and ‘out’ of fashion, and the ‘traitors’ that leave Manchester and move to London [hello, Paul Morley, who actually wrote Wilson’s obituary for The Guardian]…

Interviewer: “The question that everyone is asking is why did you call it The Hacienda?”
Peter Hook: “We found it inscribed on a tablet at our last gig.”
Tony Wilson: “That’s completely untrue, but it’s the kind of answer we want to give in all our interviews..”

A short, snappy chat with one of the founding fathers of the ‘Madchester’ movement. RIP Tony. [Kudos to Andrew Shaw for the upload]

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