Welcome to RAVE TAPES IRELAND, a project by 909originals to collect as many old school DJ mixes recorded in Ireland as possible, and present them alphabetically, in one centralised location.

The 909originals team has scoured Mixcloud to unearth hundreds of mixes by both Irish and international artists from venues such as The Ormond Multi Media Centre, Sir Henry’s, The Asylum, Temple Theatre, The Kitchen, The Pod, The RedBox, Sides, The Point, Oasis Carrickmacross, Club Mono, Kellys Portrush, Temple of Sound and Shaft, as well as a myriad of festivals and one-off events, covering the period from 1991 to the mid 2000s.

This is by no means a complete list – indeed, if anyone has any links to mixes that they believe should be included, let us know and we’ll add them to the list. Or alternatively, if you have any old cassette tapes lying around in the attic that you would like us to digitise, get in touch. 🙂

I don’t own any of these recordings, all mixes are hosted by a third party, in this case Mixcloud. For DJs and copyright holders, if there is any reason you would like your recordings removed, please get in touch and we will do so immediately.

909originals would like to give a shout out to those that have taken the time to upload so many mixes over the years, especially olliemagic, marcnolan2, deebo700, Andrew Corcoran, LDJM, roryorbit, gerrypower, eriktheredd, David Walsh, kenoflanagan, Human Alley, MrRobot and others.

Browse the collection by clicking one of the options below. 🙂

Note: names are presented by first name/last name, so ‘Laurent Garnier’ would be found under ‘L’, and Mick Walsh would be found under ‘M’. In the event of DJ names such as DJ Pressure, this would be presented under ‘P’. Also note that playback from a smartphone can be occasionally glitchy, the desktop version works better. And remember kids, home taping is killing music..! 🙂

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