Indigenous culture meets electronica…

Today (9 August) is the UN ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples’, and while indigenous culture and electronic music aren’t always considered in the same breath, a bunch of enterprising musicians have sought to change all that.

A Tribe Called Red has been around for ten years, and is comprised of three indigenous artists – producing what they describe as ‘powwow-step’, a cross between ritualistic chanting, electronica, reggae and hip-hop (hence the ‘Tribe Called Quest’ nod).

A interview with the trio last year saw band member Tim ‘2oolman’ Hill, describe the Canada-based group’s modus operandi as thus: “We’re making a music for indigenous people. We’ve been misappropriated in film, in media — all of that stuff, forever. We’ve never appropriated ourselves.” Given the ongoing saga over the Dakota Access Pipeline in the US, it’s also somewhat timely…

The band has been fairly prolific, posting most of its best material on YouTube – this one is our favourite though, both for the hypnotic chanting and squelchy synth lines, as well as the trippy video.

Also worth an honourable mention… Check out the band’s latest album here.

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