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As I write this (in July 2017), it’s 40 years (and a few days) since the release of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’, and approximately 30 years since Paul Oakenfold, Ian St Paul and Trevor Fung first journeyed to Ibiza, only to return home and change dance music forever. It’s also, for the record, 20 years since Daft Punk’s ‘Around the World’ hit the Top 40…

909originals is a website dedicated to delving into the past and uncovering the stories behind some of the greatest dance music (including house, techno and all other classic derivatives) tracks, people and clubs.

While the Rock and Pop industries are saturated with magazines celebrating the achievements of a bygone era (Classic Rock, Uncut, Mojo, Long Live Vinyl, Classic Pop et al), the forefathers that laid the 4/4 beats (and synths) that have come to  dominate popular music today are perhaps not as widely commended as they should be.

About myself: I’m a journalist based in Dublin, Ireland, working on in a trade magazine that serves the European grocery trade (a more exciting industry that you might think). But I’m also a dedicated collector of classic vinyl, passionate about the history of dance music and where it has brought us to today.

Such is the nature of the day job, that I’m hoping to post on this site a few times a week, bringing you classic articles, tracks and the occasional interview. It’s not about celebrating a particular genre of dance music… nor is it to be read as a swipe at today’s EDM-saturated culture. It’s about the past… the present… the Phuture…

In the words of the late Darryl Pandy on Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk’s ’Love Can’t Turn Around’…

“Now this is how it started….”

Disclaimer: Much of the content that I post on this site will be taken from other sites – where possible I will acknowledge the source of said material. if anything that I post contravenes copyright regulations or I do not have permission to share, let me know here and I will remove it