Matador announces forthcoming single on Crosstown Rebels

Matador, aka Gavin Lynch, has announced details of a new single, My Yellow Coat, which is set to land on Crosstown Rebels later this month.

Released on 31 March, the three-track EP features My Yellow Coat and What You Say Is So, as well as a Levon Vincent remix of the title track.

It’s the first time that Matador has released on Crosstown Rebels, having previously worked with labels such as Minus, Hot Creations, and Cocoon. The Irish artist is also no stranger to the international circuit, with appearances as Awakenings, TimeWarp, and Neopop, as well as holding a residency at Richie Hawtin’s ‘Enter’ series in Ibiza.

Commenting on the new EP, he said, “I wrote the EP as one of the first projects in my new studio in Ibiza in 2021. I’d been listening to a lot of LCD Soundsystem and more electronic rock-leaning sounds, really good riffs and wonky synths.

“I have a Roland VP330 here that was running slightly out of tune at times, the oscillators in the string section, so I used that and played everything in for both tracks and recorded some vocals processing them through various effects. Then I tied it all together with an 808.

“It was a limited set-up using old equipment and utilising the imperfections, and that’s what it was all about – not correcting or quantising everything but letting the instruments speak as they were.”

Elsewhere, commenting on his remix, Levon Vincent said that the reworking of My Yellow Coat was “an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, musically speaking, and to make something at a faster tempo. I wanted to do this to at least recognise what has happened in techno in recent years with faster BPMs.”

Matador’s My Yellow Coat lands on 31 March on Crosstown Rebels, and will be available in both physical and digital formats. More information on current and future releases can be found here.

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