THROWBACK THURSDAY: Public Energy – Three ‘O Three [1992]

If Change The Beat, released on R&S Records in 1991 established Dutchman Jochem Paap (aka Speedy J, aka Public Energy) as a producer worth watching, the Hemi-Sync EP, which followed a year later, made him a household name in the world of techno.

While the A-sides, Hemi-Sync part 1 and 2 are solid techno grooves, it’s side B that contains the true gem, Three ‘O Three, a steadily-building acid monster that sounds like it was crafted in a dingy warehouse in Rotterdam at about five in the morning.

It’s a track that is relatively simple, but incredibly effective, a continually-rising crescendo of techno goodness.

As Discogs user Maroko puts it, “Three O’ Three is living proof of how you don’t need to conjure the unthinkable in order to record classic stuff; the main thing is to think of it first, and throw in the right amount of already familiar ingredients. There’s little in the track you haven’t heard before or after, but it’s the way in which he combines it all that makes Three O’ Three stand about 303 feet above most of its contemporaries.”

Perfect words to describe arguably the perfect techno track.

[Kudos to ohfuku for the YouTube upload]


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