Former Trade and Heaven resident Tony De Vit, who passed away 20 years this year, was one of the ‘breakthrough’ names of 1996, as he followed a memorable Essential Mix with the first compilation for Boxed’s Global Underground series (Live in Tel Aviv).

In January 1997, Mixmag caught up with the hardworking Kidderminster native, as he looked back on his most successful year to date.

‘Did you enjoy 1996?’, the interviewer asks.

“Yeah, every second of it. What I never thought about is most of your time is spent in a car driving, not playing records. But once I get into a club and people are going beserk, there’s no other feeling like it. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Sadly, De Vit, whose style would go on to influence the nascent hard house genre, passed away barely 18 months later, of bronchial failure.

[Article taken from Mixmag, January 1997, photo by Antonio Petronzio]

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