Remember when the BBC’s ‘Casualty’ went all acid house? [November 1992]

“How are we supposed to make money with all your runners loved up in your front room?”

Back in 1992, as rave was storming the charts, the BBC’s long-running drama series Casualty broadcast an episode entitled Money Talks, in which a rave promoter/drug dealer’s sister inadvertently gets twatted at a house party.

The episode, which was broadcast in November of that year, has long been something of an urban legend, until, that is, this month, when YouTube user Eazyflow1 uncovered the clip and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure.

I think it’s fair to say that the 3:20 mark has to be the MOST acid house that the BBC has ever been, and that includes The Shamen playing Ebeneezer Goode on Top of the Pops… 🙂

[Kudos to Eazyflow1 for the YouTube upload]

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