Underground Resistance embrace the ‘Code War’… [July 1992]

“The Cold War is over, this is the Code War…”

Back in July 1992, while filming an event dubbed Public Tranceport in Vienna, videographer Konrad Becker perhaps unwittingly captured a classic moment in techno history, a live performance of the original Underground Resistance lineup: Jeff ‘The Wizard’ Mills, ‘Mad’ Mike Banks and Robert ‘Noise’ Hood.

The footage shows the trio in full Public Enemy-style militant pomp, lashing out early UR classics including Sonic Destroyer and Method of Force to a crowd that most likely have no idea that they are experiencing techno history.

As for the Soviet flag flying overhead? The rest of the video acts as an explainer; the concept behind the event was to showcase how “the cold war is now replaced by a code war, lead by data-guerrillas and media-pirates who want to redefine the logo- and information culture.” Or something to that effect.

For us though, there’s nothing more satisfying than the sight of Mills, Banks and co strutting their stuff, even if it is for only a couple of minutes…

[Kudos to Lucia Mare for the YouTube upload]

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