The must visit nightclubs… of 1996 [January 1997]

Were things really better in the 90s? A quick glance at Mixmag’s list of the Top 15 Clubs of 1996 would indicate that the answer is undoubtedly in the affirmative.

This was a period, after all, in which Cream Liverpool, The Gallery at Turnmills, Bugged Out at Sankeys and Atomic Jam in Birmingham’s Que Club were firmly in their pomp, while newcomers such as Gatecrasher in Sheffield (in The Adelphi, rather than its later home The Republic) were on the march.

One year before the broadcasting of Sky One’s Ibiza Uncovered, 1996 marked arguably the final year before Ibiza went stellar, with the review of Manumission at Privilege an indication of the nascent hedonism therein…

“Another stupendous Summer at Privilege from the masters of interactive Ibizan clubbing. Dwarves having it off, people serving up cold spaghetti in the middle of the dancefloor, confused English journalists in fancy dress (hello Pembo), promoters doing the biz and about 10,000 loony bins going for it. Last one in the pool’s a nonce.”

Also notable on this page is a panel indicating how the UK’s super clubs were announcing a series of ‘changes’, with Cream reportedly shunning guest DJs and Renaissance embracing drum n’ bass. Thankfully, neither club adopted this strategy for long…

[From Mixmag, January 1997]

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