THROWBACK THURSDAY: Camisra – Let Me Show You (Tall Paul remix)

For the first Throwback Thursday tune of 2018, we go back 20 years, to February 1998, and a certified club banger: Camisra’s Let Me Show You.

Looking for evidence? Look no further than one of the greatest moments in British sitcom history, the legendary ‘nightclub’ scene from Channel 4’s Spaced. If there’s a better sitcom ending sequence out there, I’d love to see it. [Note: this video is copyright Channel 4, and my not play in some countries, watch it online here 🙁 ]

Arguably the tallest man in showbusiness (he’s 6 foot 7), there was a period in the mid to late 90s when ‘Tall Paul‘ Newman was everywhere – no mix CD compilation was complete without his input.

Amidst all the fanfare, Newman somehow found the time to release the Let Me Show You EP under his alias Camisra, on VC Recordings, a subsidiary of Virgin, in 1998.

And it’s the B-Side, Let Me Show You (Tall Paul remix) – yes that is Tall Paul essentially remixing Tall Paul – that remains the standout track of Camisra’s short-lived career (1999s Clap Your Hands) being another notable effort.

As the track’s solitary vocal intones, “I want to show you what I’m capable of…” With this track, Tall Paul has done just that… and then some.

[Kudos to Altra Moda Music for the upload. ‘Spaced’ clip copyright Channel 4 – if I’ve broken any copyright rules, I’m happy to take this down 🙂 ]

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