Ravestock 94: the hippies would have been proud… [August 1994]

The 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival was always likely to be a pretty nostalgic affair, and with massive crowds (500,000-plus), acts including Joe Cocker and Country Joe and the Fish, and a smattering of rain over the course of the weekend, you could be forgiven that you had been transported back to the late 60s.

Especially if you had partaken of the brown acid… 🙂

Announced just a couple of weeks before the event kicked off, and shoehorned into a time slot that would have been beyond most ageing hippies’ bedtime (midnight to 6.30am), Ravestock was a festival within a festival that featured the cream of the emerging ‘dance scene’.

Acts included Aphex Twin, Deee-Lite, Frankie Bones, Kevin Saunderson, Little Louie Vega, The Orb (playing twice!), Orbital and DJ Scotto of New York’s NASA club, the man who organised the whole shebang.

Some 23 years might have taken place since the event, but the Ravestock lineup hasn’t aged in our opinion – in fact, instead of a Woodstock 50th anniversary in two years’ time, how about a Ravestock 25th birthday jamboree?

DJ Scotto, if you’re listening, make it happen…

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