THROWBACK THURSDAY: Cybersonik – Technarchy [August 1990]

Composed of Richie Hawtin, John Acquavia and Daniel Bell, Cybersonik were a short lived production trio – releasing just four EPs over the course of a couple of years in the early 90s.

Technarchy, released in August 1990, was arguably their finest work – the drums are a homage to Kraftwerk’s Metal on Metal, the devastating synth line is straight out of the classic rave copybook, and to this day, I still think the vocal ‘aahhhs’ are lifted from the Pixies’ Where is My Mind (albeit pitched down a bit).

Backed by Algorhythm and Melody 928, the record was an early release on Plus 8 Records, the label that would go on to cement Hawtin (who within a year would unveil his Plastikman alter ego) and Acquaviva’s place in techno history.

Notable too is be reference on the record label to Hawtin as Richie ‘Rich’ Hawtin, a name that we here at 909originals is well worth another go around… 😉

[Kudos to Retropunky for the upload]


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