THROWBACK THURSDAY: T99 – Anasthasia (1991)

Is this the most devastating opening chord salvo in dance music history?

Belgium was the place to be for quality techno back in the early 90s; labels such as PIAS and R&S helped create a devastating sound that still has the power to impress, nearly 30 years later.

One of the standout tracks of the era was Anasthasia by T99, a group formed somewhat by accident – solo artist Patrick De Meyer, who already had three releases under his belt, heard that his friend Olivier Abbeloos was working on a track, which turned out to be a prototype version of what would go on to be Anasthasia.

A group was hastily formed, and the duo would go on to enjoy chart success with this distinctly un-chart like track, hitting number 4 in the Dutch charts, number 9 in Belgium, and 14 in the U.K. (as evidenced by T99’s appearance on Top of the Pops, above).

Following the release of their only album, Children of Chaos, in 1992, the group disbanded, with De Meyer going on to work with Technotronic and up and coming duo 2 Unlimited.

As the latter’s Ray Slijngaard might put it, “TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO!”

[Kudos to TravisBickle1963 for the upload]

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