This video of the 1995 Love Parade is just the tonic on a cold winter’s night… [July 1995]

With the weather getting colder (2 degrees at the last count!), there’s nothing like a dollop of techno nostalgia to warm the cockles…

This video of the Love Parade 1995, uploaded to YouTube by user Monty_Rock does just the trick – a snapshot of a golden age for dance music, and a time when you didn’t have to queue for over an hour only to be turned away at the door (hello, Berghain!)…

Some 280,000 happy punters descended on Berlin that year for the event (that number would swell to 750,000 the following year, as the event moved from Kurfürstendamm to the Tiergarten), and the footage includes killer cuts like DJ Misjah & Tim’s Access, Red Herring by Union Jack and Lo-Tec’s excellent Spacebar.

Looking back now, one of the most refreshing things to see is that nobody is glued to their phones…although Super Soakers seem to be a must have accessory.

Interesting side note – the 1995 Love Parade was subtitled ‘Peace On Earth’. Given the state of the world we currently live in, isn’t it time we all went back to the Tiergarten for another spin..?

[Kudos to Monty_Rock for the upload]

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