MTV tries to understand ‘Madchester’ [1990]…

Before it became a many-fanged media beast, churning out documentaries on teenage pregnancies, MTV was a US-based station that mainly played music, interspersed with the occasional artist profile or interview…

This report from 1990, on the emerging scene in “deeply unlovely” Manchester, England, is charming for its innocence – with New Order’s Bernard Summer trying to explain why ‘Top of the Pops‘ has significance to an American audience, and vox pops with… well, let’s just call them ‘energised’ young people.

As the narrator, MTV’s Kurt Loder, explains, ”Manchester’s unique brand of industrial boredom […] incorporates several styles, all of them tinged with a vintage psychedelic feel: the trance-dance excursions of Happy Mondays, the trippy pop of Stone Roses, to the disco mechanics of 808 State and the gloomy musical landscapes of Inspiral Carpets…”

[Kudos to Clippety for the upload]

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