Paul Kalkbrenner’s video for ‘Schwer’ is a mind-bending odyssey

For his first release in two years, producer Paul Kalkbrenner has teamed up with creative agency Mother Berlin, director Jovan Todorović and production company BWGTBLD, to present a new concept in music videos.

The track, Schwer, Kalkbrenner’s first release since 2021, takes inspiration from the German word ‘Fremdkörper’ or ‘foreign body’, which is used as the film concept.

As the video progresses, seemingly normal everyday scenes become more complex, as people – whether it be building site workers, doctors, karate experts or Kalkbrenner himself – appear to multiply.

In producing the music video, digital technology was deployed to render 4D-volumetric people, making it possible to be used as a 3D element within the final film.

Commenting on the clip, Kalkbrenner described it as “Incredible. This volucap technology is really another level. I feel very privileged to be able to work with Jovan, Mother Berlin, BWGTBLD, and everyone else involved in this video. It couldn’t be more on point.”

Kalkbrenner is currently in the middle of a festival tour, bringing his new live show to venues in Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Malta, Cyprus, Brazil and Ibiza, among others. More information here.

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