Octave One announce their first single of 2023, on 430 West Records

Detroit techno legends Octave One have announced details of their first single of 2023, Tiers/The Bearer (Brothers Burden remixes), on their own 430 West Records label.

Tiers featured regularly during the duo’s live sets in 2022, while the release also features two mixes of The Bearer featuring Karina Mia, Brother’s Burden Part 1 and Brother’s Burden Part 2.

The single is released on 3 March.

The Octave One brothers, Lenny and Lawrence Burden, are synonymous with techno, having been part of the Detroit scene since its formative years.

Their live performances, during which they utilise an array of analogue equipment, known as The Mothership, offer a blend of funk grooves, house music riffs, and rhythms, giving their studio productions a whole new identity, and ensuring they are considered one of the best live techno acts going.

Octave One – Tiers/The Bearer is released on 430 West on 3 March, and can be pre-ordered here.


1 – Octave One – Tiers (Level A)
2 – Octave One – The Bearer feat Karina Mia (Brother’s Burden PT1)
3 – Octave One – The Bearer feat Karina Mia (Brother’s Burden PT2)

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