Agoria announces details of forthcoming album, ‘.dev’

French producer Agoria has unveiled details about a forthcoming fifth album, which is due to land in November.

Titled ‘.dev’, the album will be launched on vinyl, digital formats and via an AI player developed by ARCA and Jai Paul collaborators Bronze. It’s Agoria’s second long player on Sapiens, following 2019’s Drift, and is being preceded by the single What if Midday Was At Midnite, featuring vocals by Blasé.

The single is being backed by a regenerative NFT inspired by biologist Aristid Lindenmayer’s ‘L-systems’ project, and created in collaboration with coder Johan Lescure. Details about the NFT can be found here.

The album is being described as a ‘kaleidoscopic haze of cinematic and evolving electronica that touches on house, techno, electro, hip hop’, but if Drift is anything to go by, expect lashings of intoxicating electronic beats and empowering vocals.

Contributors to the album include Blasé, STS, Ela Minus, Sacha Rudy, Niño De Elche, Rome Fortune, and, fresh from his work on the Oscar-winning The Sound of Metal, Nicolas Becker.

Agoria’s ‘.dev’ is released via Sapiens on November 12th 2021. We’re not sure where the goat comes into it, but we approve. 🙂


1 – What if the dead dream ft Ela Minus
2 – What if earth would turn faster ft Niño de Elche
3 – Reflow
4 – Smoking Mirrors ft STS
5 – What if midday was at midnite ft Blasé
6 – Wolf has no street
7 – Swipe
8 – Echelon ft Rome Fortune
9 – The External

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