Shackleton set to return with first solo album in nine years, ‘Departing Like Rivers’

It’s been a while in coming, but electronic pioneer Shackleton has announced details of his forthcoming album, Departing Like Rivers, his first solo long player for nine years.

With a musical style that has drifted between dubstep, techno, musique concrète and dark ambient over the years, the the Lancashire native released the critically-acclaimed Primal Forms alongside jazz musician Wacław Zimpel last year, as well as Like The Stars Forever and Ever as Tunes of Negation, featuring Heather Leight, Takumi Motokawa and Raphael Meinhart.

Departing Like Rivers is set to be his first solo album since 2012, however.

Described as ‘meditative, foggy, scuzzy, made of multiple psychedelic layers and ghosts of Brit folk songs’, it’s set to land on 21 September on Woe To The Septic Heart!, the record label that he started in 2010 for releasing his own compositions.

“Unlike much of my work recently, [Departing Like Rivers] is not a ‘concept album’ and is without any collaborators,”Shackleton said of the new album. “I just wanted to focus on my core sound really but without any of the genre tropes that may have been present the last time I made a solo album.

“I had hoped that the album could work on multiple levels. In that respect, it is intended as a psychedelic album as much as anything. You can listen to it in a more meditative way without getting distracted by the details. I suppose that is why the frequency spectrum is more similar to my earlier work, but there is a lot going on under the surface and it can be quite demanding if you are paying attention as there are odd time signatures and dissonant elements in there too. Light and shadow, I guess.

“I am hoping that it may be the kind of album that people play at the end of an excessive night, like after a club being back home with some friends, sleep deprivation and whatever else kicking in together with the music helping to launch your mind into space! I am also hoping though that it will be interesting enough to stand up in the cold sober light of day as ‘just good engaging music’.”

More information via Shackleton’s Bandcamp page , where you can also listen to a track from the album.

Shackleton – Departing Like Rivers – Tracklisting

A / 1. Something Tells Me / Pour Out like Water
B1 / 2. The Turbulent Sea
B2 / 3. Shimmer, Then Fade
C1 / 4. One of Us Escaped
C2 / 5. The Light That Was Hidden
D1 / 6. Few Are Chosen
D2 / 7. Transformed into Love

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