Chicks On Speed embrace ‘vaxpop’ with new single ‘Vaccinate Me Baby’

In the two decades since their formation, dance/art collective Chicks On Speed have been anything but conventional, and they are continuing this trend with their latest single, which embraces the world of ‘vaxpop’.

The single, Vaccinate Me Baby, is actually a cover of a 1952 track by King Perry and His Orchestra, with playful lyrics about dancing through the pandemic – as the group put it in the accompanying blurb, “Inoculation one, get rid of this bug, then move on to inoculation two, vaccinate me from these blues.”

As they state, ‘vaxpop’ is equal parts microgenre and meme, as well as making a “statement and a position towards music and art production in times of COVID”.

The group, aka Melissa Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie, are also planning a special performance to officially launch the track, Uploading The Human, which will be broadcast from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art’s TV station in Trondheim, Norway on 19 October.

Backed by artists, musicians and choreographers from Norway and further afield, the performance is being described as a ‘phygital’ experience, and will form part of NTNU Artistic Research Week.

Vaccinate Me Baby is released on Thursday 9 September. You can pre-order it here.

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