Things can only get better… again? D:Ream announce a comeback album

“You can walk my path, you can wear my shoes…”

There was a period, sometime during the mid-90s, when you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing the familiar opening refrain of D:Ream‘s Things Can Only Get Better, which catapulted the house/synthpop act to superstardom.

The track rose to prominence again as an unofficial lockdown anthem last year, which prompted singer Pete Cunnah to remark, “You do your thing and make a record for all the clubbers in the early 90s to dance to, and the next thing everyone’s hanging out of windows singing it during a crisis. I was in tears.”

In fact, few groups can claim to have soundtracked an election campaign – Tony Blair using Things… as the theme for his 1997 election win – and given rise to arguably the world’s leading celebrity physicist, Brian Cox (who managed to balance a world tour with studying for a PhD).

The group disbanded in 1997 – making a brief comeback in 2011 with third album In Memory Of… – but they have just announced a comeback (as a two piece, with Pete Cunnah and Al Mackenzie), with a new album, Open Hearts, Open Minds, set to land on 23 July.

A single from the album – Meet Me At Midnight – has just been released, which features a lush downtempo remix by none other than Justin Robertson. Check it out here.

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