Interview: On the right track… 909originals catches up with Squire

Do you know what you were doing a decade ago? In the case of Jaime Alguersuari, it was a time spent at circuits such as Silverstone, Monza and Monaco, with the young Spaniard a rising star in Formula One, as part of the Ferrari-powered Scuderia Toro Rosso team.

Departure from the ‘fast lane’, however, opened up a whole new series of opportunities for Alguersuari, who has since become an established name in deep, atmospheric tech house, under the name Squire.

Having played at such legendary parties as Burning Man, Watergate, Get Lost Miami, BPM Festival and Woomoon, Heart, Amnesia and Space in Ibiza, Squire has just released his latest EP, Path Parbat, on Mobilee Records – click here to purchase – and has forthcoming releases on Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream, Tale & Tone, Trybesof and TrueColors.

Squire in the mix at Heart Ibiza

909originals caught up with him.

It’s coming up to ten years since you parted ways with Formula 1, and five since you last drove in Formula E – do you ever feel you have ‘unfinished business’ in motorsport?

Hi! Firstly, thanks for interviewing me. Yes, I think I had some unfinished business there, but that’s the way it was. Sometimes it just doesn’t go the way you expect in life. Especially in Formula 1, where technology is the main factor, but I have to say it was a hell of a ride and very good fun.

How and where did you start DJing and making music? Was there a ‘Eureka’ moment?

I started DJing with my friends in Ibiza back in 2005. We use to have a basement with a little studio and we had some bikes and go karts. We had a crazy holiday plan every year, and we use to throw parties for our friends as we couldn’t go to clubs yet. I realised then I really wanted to give music producing a go.

Where did the name Squire come from?

It’s my second last name Escudero, which in English means Squire.

Your musical style takes in elements of house, techno, jazz and a myriad of other genres – what artists or labels have been particularly influential on your music?

I’ve been listening to different genres since I started making music and I consider myself a music lover before calling myself a DJ. Making music and spending 10 hours a day in the studio is something natural and organic that you can’t make happen without passion.

I’m a big fan of Moby, Tangerine Dream and more modern music, such as M83.

There’s an ‘natural’ sense to your music as well, it doesn’t sound overly processed or overproduced. Is that something that’s important to you?

I keep trying hard to feel that my music is as organic as possible and I always feel it could be better. When you listen to a jazz band for instance, with real drums, a real guitar and a real keyboardist playing together, you hear imperfections and human errors that make it more natural-sounding. Sometimes it’s hard to replicate that with software and digital equipment.

What will clubbing look like after coronavirus? “I think it’ll come back stronger than ever.”

How would you describe the Squire ‘sound’?

Hypnotic, romantic and deep.

What artist or artists would you most like to work with on a future collaboration, and why?

I’d love to work with Lake People one day. I feel his music so much.

Given the times we are now living in, how do you think the dance music/clubbing industry will emerge from the coronavirus crisis?

I think it’ll come back stronger than ever. There will be a huge reason to celebrate life and join a loving community of people who want to have fun and enjoy dancing and listening to music.

We’re all living through a horrible situation that hopefully will end soon and I always believe that ‘after the rain comes the sun’.

Driving a Formula 1 car around Monaco, or playing to thousands of happy people at Amnesia Ibiza – which gives you a bigger buzz? Why?

I think it’s a very different feeling. When you drive a car to the limit you feel loads of adrenaline.

When I’m playing music, I love to see love on the dancefloor, people kissing and sharing a feeling. It’s more about them than about me. I’m just helping to create a certain situation, while in racing it’s just about me, myself and I.

Thanks again to Jaime for chatting to us. Squire’s Path Parbat is out now on Mobilee. Get it here Also, check out this mix from Woomoon Ibiza last summer…tasty summer grooves 🙂

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