Detroit legends Drexciya continue to bring ‘afrofuturist’ mythology to the masses with the launch of a new book

As well as being one of the foremost production duos emerging from Detroit in the 1990s, electro outfit Drexciya also became renowned for their thematic releases, starting with 1995’s Aquatic Invasion, released on Underground Resistance.

Through a series of releases, including 1997’s The Quest and a host of EPs, James Stinson (RIP) and Gerald Donald told the story of the Drexicyan race, a mythological group of underwater dwellers descended form African women thrown off slave ships.

This so-called ‘afrofutirist’ theme how now been revived in a new book being released today (22 May) by Tresor Records, The Book Of Drexciya Vol. 1.

The book, which reportedly covers the first five chapters of the Drexciyan mythology.

has been put together by Abdul Qadim Haqq, a longtime artistic collaborator with the Detroit techno community, as well as Dai Sato, best known for his work on anime productions such as Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell.

It also features the art of Leo Rodrigues, Alan Oldham, Hector Rubilar, Leonardo Gondim, Daniel Oliviera and Milton Estevam, and has been supported by Drexciya member Gerald Donald and Helen Stinson, the mother of the late James Stinson.

As the official release for the book puts it, ‘Follow the story of the first Drexciyan, his subaquatic birth, growing up in the caves of Ociya Syndor, later to become Drexaha, the empire’s first king. Get introduced to Dr. Blowfin, Master of Alchemy and Quantum Genetics, who masterminded Drexciyan computer systems and network, based on Genetic Intelligence and DNA matrix systems.

Hear the story of the birth of the wavejumpers, the mightest warriors of Drexciya. Enter Bubble Metropolis, thriving with its central command, aquabahns and aqua wormhole gateways to the cephalopod-like oceanic Cruisers.’

All the time while listening to some of the most sublime, trailblazing techno in Detroit’s illustrious musical history, we presume.

The book can be purchased on the Tresor website, click here for more details.

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