Check out this footage of Tiga & Zyntherius ‘rehearsing’ ahead of a 2002 Top of the Pops performance

Back in 2002, electroclash was everywhere – even pemeating the pop charts – and thus, when Tiga & Zyntherius’ cover of the Corey Hart classic Sunglasses At Night hit #25 in the hit parade, it was inevitable that the duo would be invited on to Top of the Pops.

Which inevitably happened in May of that year.

A couple of days ago, Tiga (whose career was ‘truly launched’ by the release) posted a video to his Facebook page showing himself, Zyntherius (aka Jori Hulkkonen) and Ed DMX (drafted in to perform ‘drums’ for the performance), undertaking a nervous run-through in a cheap hotel the night before… with just a Discman and headphones as a musical accompaniment.

“What have you gotten us in to?”, asks Jori at one point.
“Oh shit… three minutes 30 seconds is like an eternity!” is Tiga’s response.

Sunglasses At Night spent a total of three weeks in the UK charts, which is three weeks longer than Hart achieved with his original version of the 1983 electro pop classic.

And as the video below indicates, for all the tomfoolery, the ‘rehearsal’ seemed to work out fine, with the pair putting in a solid performance on the night.

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