“When they see all of us, they just see four people that ten minutes ago were in the crowd, dancing around…” The Prodigy on making music for the rave generation… [1992]

On this day [February 25] in 1991, The Prodigy’sWhat Evil Lurks landed on XL Recordings, kicking off what would be a 30-year career for the rave crew.

By the following year, however, the quartet had a series of killer EPs under their belt, including Out Of Space, Fire/Jericho, and the somewhat divisive Charly. 🙂

As part of a series on Essex-based artists, BBC’s Dance Energy caught up with Liam, Keith, Maxim and Leeroy to chat about their new found stardom, and the importance of making music ‘for the people’.

“We’re not looking at the businessmen sitting behind the chair, raking in all the money from Charly or Everybody in the Place,” says Liam. “We’re looking at the kids that are going out raving and what they want.”

“When they see all of us, they just see four people that ten minutes ago, before they got on stage, were in the crowd, dancing around and having a laugh,” adds Keith.

“I think people like to see something that is very close to home, something that they can relate to.”

The snippet also includes a short tour of Liam’s live set up – including a glorious TR-909 in action – as well as a live clip of Your Love, with the lads resplendent in their early 90s jumpsuits.

“When I’m on stage you have 15,000 people there, and I’m thinking ‘I wrote this song in my bedroom, and now there’s 15,000 people jumping about to the song’,” Liam adds. “I wrote this song for you people, and you people are dancing to it.”

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