House music is a work of art…

House music. It’s a spiritual thing. It’s a soul thing. And now, thanks to artist Davey Brown, it’s an art thing, too.

Newcastle-born Brown has already exhibited his work in Ibiza, and on the strength of that visit, he’s planning to tour his art in London, Glasgow, Windsor, Manchester and his home town next April and May.

“It’s called ‘The History Of House’ and will feature paintings of the early US DJs, iconic clubs/parties, the legendary UK DJs, and the whole scene in Ibiza from the beginning,” Brown tells 909originals.

Each exhibition will also feature a number of DJs, ensuring a good club vibe, while a painting will be auctioned for charity at each event.

Brown is also planning a return to the White Isle, and has spoken to a number of venue owners about showcasing his works.

“I was over there a couple of months ago for meetings with venue owners and it all went very well,” he says. “The way it is looking, the exhibition could be in three different venues on the island, which would be amazing.”

We at 909originals would like to wish him all the best… we always knew house music was a work of art, it just took someone to put it on canvas!

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