It’s been 19 years since Homelands Ireland 1999 – here are some of the best DJ sets from that historic day…

Today, 25 September, marks 19 years since a festival that marked a turning point in dance music in Ireland… Homelands Ireland 1999.

Taking place at Mosney Holiday Centre, Co. Meath, and featuring arguably the finest lineup to ever grace an Irish dance festival – Underworld AND Orbital, ladies and gentlemen! – it was a celebration of how far our island nation had come in embracing electronic music culture.

To mark the 19th anniversary of this momentous day (and night), 909originals has scoured the four corners of the Internet to track down some of the stand-out DJ sets* from the day… bear in mind that as these were taped off the radio, the quality (and bandwidth) varies greatly.

Still though, it gives us excuse enough to don our Mitsubishi-bedecked Irish flag and dance like no-one’s watching. 🙂
Paul Oakenfold at Homelands Ireland 1999

Laurent Garnier at Homelands Ireland 1999

Judge Jules at Homelands Ireland 1999

John Digweed at Homelands Ireland 1999

Billy Nasty at Homelands Ireland 1999

Liam Howlett at Homelands Ireland 1999


[*Sets recorded from 2FM. If anyone has any other sets recorded from Homelands Ireland 1999, it would be great to hear them – my contact details can be found elsewhere on the site…] 🙂

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