Colin Faver, three years gone today…

Legendary DJ Colin Faver, one of the founding fathers of the acid house scene, died three years ago today, on 5 September 2015.

Faver, whose career would bridge the gap from punk to rave – one of his early jobs saw him scouting The Cure and Bauhaus – was a longstanding champion of underground music, and played at some of the UK’s seminal clubs during the nascent years of dance, from Shoom to the Hacienda, and from Clink Street to the Camden Palace.

Most of all, Faver was renowned for his radio shows on Kiss FM, which, as Mark Moore of S’Express eloquently put it on the occasion of his passing in 2015, were like “events in their own right. One time in 1987 he rang Derrick May live on air hoping to get an impromptu interview.

“Instead he got the answering machine, so mixed Derrick’s answer message into one of the tunes he was playing. Colin was always in the mix.”

And what better way to mark three years since his passing than with a flashback to 1992, and a radio show uploaded by Mixcloud user Rave Archive UK, recorded two weeks before the release of Jonny L’s rave classic Hurt You So(as Faver himself announces during the mix).



Also notable are the ads that intermittently pop up during the show, offering “return flights to Ibiza for £215” to see Faver playing alongside longtime Kiss cohort Colin Dale. Now that must have been some trip. 🙂

RIP Colin Faver.

[Kudos to Rave Archive UK for the YouTube upload]

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