On Sasha’s birthday, check out this interview with ‘the man like’ from 1992… [June 1992]

Today, 4 September, marks the birthday of Alexander Coe, more commonly known as living legend Sasha.

The Flintshire-born DJ, notoriously referred to as the ‘Son of God’ in Mixmag back in the mid 90s (not that far off the mark, you cry), is now in his 30th year of DJing, having set alight venues such as Renaissance, Shelley’s and Twilo over the years, as well as giving us masterpieces like Global Underground 13: Ibiza, Northern Exposure and the seminal Xpander EP.

But back before all that, Sasha was a jobbing DJ in places like Blackburn, Stockport and Blackpool, rocking a serious early 90s haircut, as this interview from June 1992, from The Edge Video Magazine illustrates.

“The atmosphere is the most important thing about a club,” he explains. “It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got the best sound system, or the best lights, or the best DJs, it’s down to the people that come in, and whether they have a good time.”

Later, he speaks of his desire to establish a ‘Soul II Soul’ type group, “where I’m the artist, and I’m working with loads of different musicians and singers. I’ve got lots of ideas – it’s going to be really exciting writing songs and getting my own things together.

“I want to take a live concert feel into the clubs, because nobody really does it successfully. […] It would take DJing and PAing to a whole new level.”

While this endeavour didn’t materialise as effectively as he may have wished, within a few months he had found a musical partner that he would embark on a 25-year adventure with… John Digweed.

Happy birthday Sasha!

[Kudos to bradyman2 for the YouTube upload]

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