There’s a heatwave on the way… let’s take house music on to the streets!


With a heatwave reportedly on the way, isn’t it about time that the local authorities here looked to bring something like THIS over to these shores?

These weekly ‘house music parties’ take place on a sun-drenched Daley Plaza in Chicago, underlining the city’s status as the undoubted home of the musical genre.

Resident DJ Houseboy is filmed spinning everything from Lil Louis’ The Original Video Clash to Green Velvet’s It’s Time For The Percolator during the short clip (in fact, his haircut isn’t dissimilar to that of Mr. Velvet, either), in what looks like the most enjoyable way to spend a sunny lunchtime this side of Ibiza.

“Everybody is in a good mood,” Houseboy explains. “We just wanna have a good time!”

Amen to that!

[Kudos to CBS Chicago for the YouTube upload]

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