Dave Angel, speaking in 1993: “Techno came from jazz years ago, and forty years from now, techno will be like jazz…”

Having found fame for his seminal mix of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams in 1990, Dave Angel has been one of the hardest working men in dance music for more than three decades now.

Back in 1993, the ‘tech funk’ pioneer gave an interview to Fantazia, which has been archived on the rave promoters’ website.

In it, he reveals the tough path that led him to music, and why jazz musicians like Charlie Parker have had a big influence on his career.

“If I got up one morning and felt really pissed off about a f*ing tax man or whatever, and I want to get my aggression out, then I’d get it out in my studio, but if I feel really happy and my son is making me smile then I’d do something really melodic.”

And as for the future of dance music, from a 1993 perspective?

“I’m getting older and you have to do things whilst you are young, but you are never too old to do anything,” Angel says in the interview.

“Techno came from jazz years ago, and forty years from now, techno will be like jazz. All the people that lived in this era will re-live their memories. Jazz is coming into the music scene a lot now, and it’s good that the British notice this and are opening their minds.”

Time for Jeff Mills et al to put away that 909 and take up the trombone, in other words?

The full interview can be found here: www.fantazia.org.uk/DJs/djdaveangel.htm

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