INTERVIEW: 909originals joins forces with legendary Haçienda resident Graeme Park…

Few DJs can claim to be at the epicentre of a movement, but as resident DJ at the Haçienda in 1988, Graeme Park was at the forefront of the acid house wave.

From those legendary Nude nights in the famous Manchester nightspot, through to shows on Kiss FM, Galaxy and Radio City, not to mention his role in creating the Haçienda Classical tour, Graeme now produces his own weekly mix show, the Graeme Park Radio Show, which airs on a myriad of stations both in the UK and around the world.

And you can now find it here too…

909originals is proud to announce that we are now syndicating Graeme’s weekly mix show, with a new two-hour set landing every Friday.

Looking for the perfect weekend warm up? Look no further…

You can find this week’s mix at the bottom of this post. Before that, 909originals caught up with the maestro himself to talk music, mischief and memories.


909originals: Describe the Graeme Park Radio Show?
Graeme Park: Two hours of big tunes, new tunes and classic tunes too.

We’re now 30 years on from 1988 (and all that). Why do you think that people are still so interested in the origins of the dance scene, old school and everything that goes with it?
If you discover any type of music that’s new to you regardless of how old you are and when you first hear it, it’s natural and instinctive to find out where it all began. In the case of acid house, the second Summer Of Love, The Hacienda and the people involved in the scene at the beginning, there’s a great story to accompany the music and that just adds to the appeal.

You’re probably best known for your time as resident at the Hacienda. When do you think (what year, month etc) the penny dropped: ‘f**k, we really have something going here’?
Mike (Pickering) and I knew something big was happening early 1988. We could feel it. It took a few months for the rest of the country, particularly London and the South East, to catch on though.

Hacienda Classical started two years ago: a crazy/brilliant idea that has since been replicated by DJs and orchestras around the world. Did you really think it would work?
We planned it as a one-off because we didn’t think it would work. We’ve since performed two different shows over 40 times around the UK. We’re just about to start touring with a third different show with another 20 plus dates in the UK and overseas. People just love it. Who’d have thought?

Dance music has arguably never been bigger, or more commercial. What would you like to see change or be introduced, to ensure a long and healthy future for the industry? (After all, when acid house started, they only gave it six months!)
Just let people do what they want. That’s how dance music evolved and continues to do so.

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