Justin Robertson on why music should be an ‘obsession’… [March 1992]

As well as becoming a household name for his work with Lionrock, Justin Robertson has been one of the hardest working men in dance music for around three decades, holding residencies at clubs like Bugged Out! and Sleuth, as well as remixing everyone from The Sugarcubes to New Order.

Back in 1992, The Face magazine caught up with the then 23-year-old Robertson, as ‘Manchester’s first Balearic DJ’ was resident at clubnight Most Excellent.

“A lot of DJs seem to have a mission – I don’t really, apart from the music,” he explained. “To me it’s vital, almost an obsession to keep on top of what’s going on. I still go potty at least once a week over certain records.

“I’ve still got a real fan mentality, it’s important to keep passion alive.”

Justin Robertson on why music should be an 'obsession’… [March 1992]

26 years later, that passion appears to be as strong as ever.

[Article taken from The Face, March 1992, Photo by Peter Walsh]

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