‘Dope’ on plastic – ‘The Bomb’, 23 years later… [March 1995]

For the record, the lyric is ‘Street sounds swirling through my mind’ and not ‘These sounds fall into my mind’… but given that this is a stone cold classic, I can forgive that.

First released in 1994 on Brooklyn-based Henry Street Records, Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez presents The Bucketheads’ The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) first made it into the charts 23 years ago this following its re-release on Positiva, breaking into the top ten right across Europe.

The A-side of the vinyl release memorably ran to more than 14 minutes, with one of the most joyous build-ups in house music history, before the familiar riff finally breaks in at around the 4:40 mark.

The track is essentially built around the opening riff from Street Player by Chicago, a hit in 1979, with some classic Masters at Work post-production layered on top.

As for The Bucketheads? Kenny ‘Dope’s side project never made it past one album, All in the Mind, released in 1995. But it’s an LP well worth a revival, featuring a range of disco classics updated for the 90s – it was apparently recorded in protest at the Eurodance hits that were flooding the airwaves at the time…

Good work Kenny!

[Kudos to Altra Moda Music for the YouTube upload]

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