Injected With A Poison’s strange, ecumenical origins…

Injected With A Poison by Praga Khan is one of most frenetic rave tracks of the early 90s, packed with piano stabs, synth bursts, and a smattering of whoops and hollers…

For me, however, the standout elements of the track are the spoken word snippets, as a menacing voice intones “Injected with a poison”, “Are you listening to me?” and “We don’t need that anymore…”

These vocal snatches don’t belong to Praga Khan alter ego Maurice Engelen, or to one of his studio engineers.

Rather they are spoken by a US-based televangelist preacher named Robert Schambach, and form the backing vocal to one of the most unusual tracks to grace the ‘ambient’ genre, Ram by Zoviet France.

Check out the evidence at 00:39, 01:08 and 01.37…

Ram recalls a meeting the late Rev. Schambach had with the attorney for Jim Jones, instigator of the Jonestown Massacre, one of the biggest ritual suicides to take place in the US in the 1970s.

An unusual source for a happy-go-lucky rave cut, certainly.

As for the “There’s a rainbow inside your mind” vocal, well, that belongs to the voice of Jade 4U, the vocalist on the track.

Slightly less ominous origins, then…

[Kudos to Nikodimos Ivanidis and gs85manu for the YouTube uploads]

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