It’s testament to the hard work of ID&T founders Irfan van Ewijk, Duncan Stutterheim and Theo Lelie, that Thunderdome, the primary exponent of gabber in the Netherlands, celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, with a party in Utrecht last October.

Accompanying the group’s events, which originally took place in Dutch cities such as Heerenveen, Groningen and Amsterdam before moving overseas in the mid-90s. there were the Thunderdome CDs, released on Arcade Records, and packed full of 150-bpm madness.

Almost as bonkers as the CDs themselves were the TV commercials to promote them: imagine sitting down for a nice, quiet family evening in front of the telly, only for one of these to come on…

Hardcore, after all, will never die.

[Kudos to Crimson THRAK for the upload]

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