Check out Sasha rocking a castle party in County Louth back in 1993… [May 1993]

Bellingham Castle, in County Louth, Ireland, is, according to the official website, ‘an elegant and spacious 17th Century Irish castle bursting with rich history, splendour and old-world luxury’.

For a few hours on the evening of 21 May 1993, however, it was bursting with a different type of history, as Ministry of Sound brought DJs including Sasha, Tony Humphries, CJ Mackintosh and Giulio Cesare to the castle’s lush surrounds.

Giants of the Irish dance scene such as Greg Dowling, Johnny Moy and Billy Scurry also played at the event, which was priced at just £13.50 – a good deal cheaper than the 60-odd quid being charged for a Carl Cox gig at a similar castle in Westmeath this summer.

The event, which was organised by Underground and Mixmag, was taped, and both Sasha and Cesare’s set’s have since been posted online – tracklistings below.


[Kudos to Mark Johnston for the Mixcloud uploads]

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