THROWBACK THURSDAY – Laurent Garnier – Acid Eiffel [1993]

Today marks Laurent Garnier’s 52nd birthday, and I can think of no better track to commemorate this techno legend than Acid Eiffel, released under his Choice moniker (alongside Shazz and Ludovic Navarre) in 1993.

Released on FNAC Music (later F Communications), on the Paris EP, and weighing in at an impressive 13 and a half minutes, Acid Eiffel set the template for Garnier’s later work, with lush strings brooding over a gurgling acid rhythm.

It’s a perfect blend of techno and trance… from a time when genres were irrelavent.

As one poster on Discogs puts it, “It’s quite an achievement to make a record that clocks in at over 13 minutes and keep you wanting more. Breathtakingly good.”

We couldn’t agree more… Happy birthday Laurent!

[Kudos to Henrik Fodor for the YouTube upload, picture by Scott Sandars/CreativeCommons]

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