That time Carl Cox teamed up with James Brown… [November 1998]

Carl Cox has worked with many great artists over the years, however in late 1998, he teamed up with arguably the greatest showman of all.

As this article from MUZIK magazine in November 1998 explains, none other than James Brown (JAAMES BBROOWN!!) teamed up with Cox for a live broadcast on French TV, direct from Paris.

As a spokesperson for the event told the magazine, “James Brown is going to Paris with a full band and a live orchestra. The concept at present is Carl will mix in the records alongside them. He’s going over for an audition shortly, to check that it’s technically possible.

“If it’s not, what he’ll probably do is play tunes in an interlude, when James Brown takes a break – he is about 75, after all!”

Sadly, no video exists (from what we can tell) of this epic encounter, although we’re still hopeful…

One can only suspect that Carl himself was completely star struck – as a recent Iconic Underground interview revealed, one of his ‘earliest musical memories is witnessing “Get Up Off That Thang” by James Brown being played and seeing everyone up on their feet, laughing and enjoying themselves”.

As to whether James shared that sentiment, however, I guess we’ll never know….

[Article snippet from MUZIK, November 1998]

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