Dublin’s top DJs contemplate the ‘phuture’ [October 1994]

“Time and space died yesterday. Welcome to the phuture…”

The Dublin dance scene of the mid 90s was a special time and place – so when dSide magazine decided to shine a spotlight on the up and coming names therein, back in October 1994 (decking them out in fashionable clobber from Stone Island, DV8, Stussy etc), it was to Liam Dollard, Dave Hales, Billy Scurry and Johnny Moy they turned, clubbing custodians on the rise.

The resulting feature – part fashion shoot, part dance manifesto – is an interesting snapshot of the Irish capital’s scene (and lime-green style!) at the time – awash with futurist statements about the role of technology in music, which in today’s always-on society seem somewhat quaint.

“The city beats to a new rhythm,” the article reads. “It’s technology dance, and we call it Techno. While faxes belch and splutter in glorious cacophony, while white collar workers jack into their laptops in ritualised communal climax (dictated by their set time pronouncements of the global stock markets) at other times, at all times, Techno is transmitted: equally ferocious and more delicate, maintaining the tension, breaking the faith, and finding temporary release.

“Whether you be black, brown, yellow, green, white or orange, Techno sees no colour. It’s here, and it’s breaking down the social barriers that defined olde Ireland, laying in its place a mutant, mutating blueprint.”

Read the full article below. 🙂

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