Arís return with a Rob Rowland classic from the vaults

When launching the Arís label a year ago, the team at Dublin’s All City Records promised a stream of re-releases of classic Irish dance cuts, and their output to date hasn’t disappointed, with Bumble’s West in Motion and Fish Go Deep’s Vol. 1 EP being released during 2022.

The new year sees the launch of the third in the series, with the debut EP from longstanding D1 Recordings luminary Rob Rowland, M.F.N., set to be re-released on 13 February.

At the time of its release, in 1994, Rowland, inspired by nights at UFO, the Temple of Sound and the Ormond Multimedia Centre, was setting off on his production journey, acquiring an Atari ST, Akai S1000, Kawai K4 and a Roland R-5 and settling down in his bedroom to record.

Two tracks, M.F.N. and Restless, emerged within one week while another track, Act Natural, soon followed. Initially recorded onto cassette at his house, Rob booked some time into Temple Bar’s Sound Training Centre to polish up the recording.

Described as a ‘uniquely psychedelic rush of rave euphoria and darkened acid-inspired house and techno‘, the EP would go on to be released on white label by New York’s Watts Music distribution, before getting a full release from Miami label Fluid Audio.

Within a year, Rowland had joined the nascent D1 Recordings, releasing the first ever single (the Glocomm EP) on the label.

The re-released EP features the three original tracks from the M.F.N. EP – recorded from the original DAT – along with a remix of Restless by up and coming producer Dylan Forbes.

Log on to Rob Rowland’s Bandcamp page to find out more.


1 – M.F.N.
2 – Restless
3 – Act Natural
4 – Restless (Dylan Forbes Remix)

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