Bumble’s 1992 classic ‘West In Motion’ gets reissued on new label Arís

The team behind All City Records in Dublin’s Temple Bar have launched a new series of Irish dance reissues under the Arís label, which will see a number of classic 90s and 00s cuts get re-released.

The first reissue to be launched by the label is West in Motion, originally released in 1992 by Bumble, aka musicians Matt Early and Hugh Drumm, DJs Dave McDonnell and Mark Crumlish, and producer Fintan McDonald.

The original EP, which blended early rave sounds with Irish traditional music, was one of Ireland’s first bona-fide ‘dance’ records, and also featured a ‘Haunted’ mix of the track wit Breda Mayock on vocals as well as a 12-minute remix from no less than Andrew Weatherall (who picked up a white label of the track at a Primal Scream gig in Dublin in 1991).

The track achieved relative success, reaching #14 in the Irish singles charts, and leading to the group going on tour – however, after a shelved debut album, Bumble disbanded soon afterwards.

To honour its 30th anniversary, Arís has remastered two tracks from the original EP and invited Brame & Hamo to remix it; their pumping proggy take, a fitting complement to the spirit of that original era.

According to a press release to accompany the release, “Revisiting West In Motion after all these years helps highlight how crucial it is to the canon of modern Irish music, and will hopefully help introduce Bumble to a whole new generation as a result.”

You can purchase it here.

Bumble – West in Motion tracklisting

1 – West In Motion (Banana Mix)
2 – West In Motion (Hard Mix)
3 – West In Motion (Brame & Hamo Remix)

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