Brazilian techno legend Kalif returns with first album in 14 years

Brazilian DJ Kalif, aka Pedro Frazão, was one of the prominent figures in the Irish techno scene of the 2000s. Having started DJing in 1996, he moved to Ireland in 1998, and spun at venues such as Switch, The Kitchen, The Metropolitan, The Temple Bar Music Centre, Isaac Butts, as well as free parties and outdoor raves.

He also became well-known in France, at clubs like Le Rex Club, La Batofar, La Vila, La Pacha, amongst others. Venues he has played in Brazil include Bunker 94, Lov.e Club and Broadway.

In 2008, he released the independent album Banzo, which earned plaudits from local press.

Now, 14 years on, Rio de Janeiro-based Kalif is back with a new long player, You could hear broken violins in the wind.

Boasting both downbeat, melancholic moments, as well as pure dancefloor cuts, it’s a matured collection of tracks from the now semi-retired producer. You can purchase it here, or listen to it via Spotify below.

As Kalif puts it on his Bandcamp page, today he “makes music just for pure joy of the process”. With that in mind, listening to tracks like the soaring The day you conquered my soul I was all yours, it’s clear he enjoyed putting this project together.

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