Âme’s Frank Wiedemann unveils an AI-powered reworking of 2018 album ‘Dream House’

Âme‘s Frank Wiedemann has reworked the group’s 2018 album Dream House into what has been described as ‘a unique and evolving entity’, in partnership with artificial intelligence platform AiMi.

AiMi offers artists the chance to develop continuous, immersive compositions, which are moulded by the mood of each individual user – a ‘new form of listening that is adaptable and ever-evolving’, according to the press release.

“Whilst the concept of AiMi was interesting for us from the beginning, seeing the app gaining maturity by more input from our side is the really exciting part,” commented Wiedemann.

“At first it wasn’t easy to grasp, but the more you understood the algorithmic capabilities, the easier it got and the better and more inspiring the results became. Curious to see the further development and how the experience evolves.”

The reworking of Dream House incorporates the lush synths and progressions of the original album, but presents it in a new sonic landscape; giving listeners a view into the group’s signature sound.

Âme, comprised of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, began making music in 2001, launching the Innervisions imprint alongside Dixon in 2005, and since becoming regular fixtures at venues such as Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, and Watergate with both live and DJ sets. You can download AiMi here.

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