Check out these pics from the first Creation party in Donabate, which took place 20 years ago

If Dublin’s free-party scene had a high-water mark, it was arguably in the early 2000s, as the Creation crew hosted a series of parties in locations in and around the capital.

As DJ and promoter Giles Armstrong told 909originals a couple of years back, Creation’s arrival coincided with a change in the clubbing landscape, which wasn’t welcomed with open arms by all.

“When Creation started, we were in the era of the superclub,” he explained. “The timing was perfect. Creation was a big breath of free techno air. To this day we still haven’t seen the likes of it and I don’t think we ever will, either. It was a unique, one-of-a-kind party.”

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On 2 June 2001, a couple of months on from a memorable warehouse rave in the Dublin docklands, Creation held a party in Donabate, north County Dublin, in a natural amphitheatre amongst the sand dunes (it would also hold a party in the same location in May 2004).

With DJs including Sunil Sharpe, Ron’s Mobile Disco, Ulick O’Connor, Giles Armstrong, Cozzy and others, it was a legendary all-night soirée (with the site notably left spotless once it drew to a close).

Here’s a handful of photos from the night (taken from the now-defunct) Creation website – the quality’s a bit hazy, just like the memories. If you have any photos of your own that you want to share, hit us up in the comments below. Huge respect to Cozzy and all the Creation crew for putting on these incredible nights. 🙂

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While we’re at it, 909originals recently came across a fascinating Instagram account, the_subc (aka photographer Lee Gallagher), which features a fascinating array of photos from raves (including Creation parties) and club nights around Dublin from back in the day.

Check out some of our favourites below, and make sure you give him a follow! 🙂

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