“I still get goosebumps thinking of it…” Ireland’s finest share their memories of previous Creation parties

While there may yet be another a chapter or two left in the story of Creation – the legendary free party collective that held its last party in Blessington in 2007 – 909originals asked some of those involved for their standout memories.

Cozzy, Creation co-founder

“Donabate, in 2004. That was just a stunning party. Number one, we got away with it. Number two, it just so happened to be the hottest day of the year the next day, so everyone was just flaked out in the sun – there were still people on the beach at 1pm. Also, I had a couple of friends over from Sweden for that one, and they used their charm and good looks to get in loads of money to cover the costs.

“Everything went right that night. It was a top lineup, great setup, the sound worked all night, and the people were just fantastic. The craic was 90.”

Ron O Ciosoig, aka Ron’s Mobile Disco

“The most memorable for me was playing at Glen of the Downs. What made it special was the location, and the luck of it being an unusually warm night. The weather was perfect.

“The articulated truck and trailer generator was parked at the bottom of the terraced car park on the hillside. This created a mini amphitheatre, where people were dancing and sitting on five levels. The views of the hills and forest were breath-taking.”


“Devils Glen was fantastic, but my personal standout is from the first warehouse party on the quay. The place was pumping, there must have been a couple of thousand at it, and the sun was coming up.

“I started with the Fluke remix of A Beautiful Morning, when that vocal kicked in – “how are you feeling, its a beautiful morning” – the place just lifted. What an amazing feeling it was, I still get goosebumps thinking of it!”

Giles Armstrong

“The one that really sticks out is the first party in Donabate. I had only ever played on my show on Power FM up until that point. The weather was drizzly so numbers were low by Creation standards. My set time was late which coincided nicely with the sun coming up.

“After I finished a nerve racking set, I was approached by a Slovakian guy who enjoyed what he heard and said I should come play at his friend’s night in Bratislava. At the time I thought he was just another madddy chewin’ the fat but it’s nice to be nice so we exchanged numbers.

And lo and behold, there I was a few months later playing nearly the same set to four thousand Slovakian’s in a vast warehouse in downtown Bratislava. They even let me bring a friend, Jon Hussey, to play after me. After playing to such a big crowd it gave me the confidence to do more gigs when I returned home. Without Creation none of that would have ever happened.”

Sunil Sharpe

“For me, it was probably the first warehouse party in 2001. We had just played a sellout gig with all Irish acts in the Temple Bar Music Centre, which was rare for back then. Then everyone headed up the quays for the Creation party.

“I wasn’t originally down to play but a slot became free at the end, so naturally I jumped in. I remember playing Terence Fixmer Body Pressure – at one of the outdoor parties it might not have sounded as well, but contained inside that warehouse and with that atmosphere, it was so intense!

“I didn’t fully comprehend it all then, but the Creation parties really set my DJ journey in motion and was the first experience I had of playing to really big crowds.

“I remember as the sun came out and through the building that morning, Francois telling me to look out and savour the moment, as we probably wouldn’t see anything like that in Dublin in a hurry. He was kinda right to be honest. I loved all of the parties, but that first warehouse party was magical.”

Do you have a particular memory of one of the Creation parties? If so please get in touch, either via the comments below or by emailing us.

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  1. I remember the mixture nervousness and excitement walking through Devils Glen and the Octagon in Wicklow to parties in the woods. Looking up at friends who had climbed trees and dancing through the darkness till the collective mood would lift with the sunrise! Of course the epic sunny weather on Donabate the morning after one of the nights had us all in flying form (giving the early golfers whizzing by in their buggies a bit of stick while we were at it!) the confused looks on their faces were priceless. There was a great feeling of togetherness due to strength in numbers surrounded by sound heads and a great soundtrack! Thank you to all who made these nights and days after happen and for those classic memories 💗 Julie Dillon

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