On the lash with LTJ Bukem in Galway… [April 1997]

Drum ‘n’ bass legend LTJ Bukem has been a champion of the beats for close to 30 years now – hitting his stride with 1991’s Delitefol and not looking back since. But it was arguably the Logical Progression series of mixes, kicking off in 1996, which established the Watford native as a standard bearer for broken beats.

It also led to his arrival – alongside longtime sparring partner MC Conrad – in Galway in early 1997, to play the city’s Heineken Weekender alongside Alabama 3, The Aloof, Ocean Colour Scene, Olive, US3 and others (click here for an article from the time).

But while Bukem’s GPO gig was a classic, what followed afterwards is the stuff of legend, as he, Conrad, and a merry band of reprobates, including journalist Donal Scannell, headed off into the City of the Tribes in search of fun and frolics at a number of house parties.

Scannell captured the madness in an article for dSide, which can be found below.

“Three stories up, the top landing proved a safe haven as some Gaelgoirs (this being Galway) coached Conrad in the art of MCing as Gaelige. ‘Bring that Beat House’ predictably metamorphosed into ‘Gach Duine sa Theach’, ‘Léim Suas agus Dul Síos’ or the Sasanach ‘Jump and Get Down’ became the night’s official slogan’….”

Will they make their plane home? Will MC Conrad’s DJ debut end in tears? Will Scunter stay awake long enough to welcome the breakbeat legends into his front room? Read on and find out [click the article to open in a new window] … 🙂

[Article taken from dSide, April 1997. Flyer image from Deep Inside The Old Skool blog]

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