Lisbon’s isolated artistic community gets creative in this fantastic video

Even in a period of isolation, great art can be created.

That’s the thinking behind a recent project by Lisbon-based musician Moullinex, artist Bráulio Amado and director Bruno Ferreira, who set out to create a film that highlights how the conditions we find ourselves in are an opportunity for self-expression.

The film, titled ‘Luz’ (Portuguese for ‘light’) was filmed in Lisbon during the first week of April, and was shot entirely from within a car, using binoculars and an iPhone.

Moullinex, who is currently working on his new album, provided the ethereal soundtrack, featuring vocals by GPU Panic.

It’s an uplifting snapshot of city life under lockdown, which is more than welcome in these challenging times. Enjoy! 🙂

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