Someone has just uploaded a full Daft Punk gig in high quality, and now we miss gigs more than ever…

Let’s hear it for YouTube user Johnny Airbag, who has just uploaded 90 minutes of solid gold… a high quality video of a Daft Punk gig from the Alive 2007 tour.

The gig, filmed at Grant Park in Chicago, features the titular robots in flying form, as they soar through their back catalogue, with tracks such as Da Funk, Around the World, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Technologic and Rollin’ & Scratchin‘.

The encore alone, which blends Daft Punk tracks with Thomas Bangalter side projects Together and Music Sounds Better With You, gives us goosebumps.

We can’t wait for more moments like this once this pesky coronavirus subsides. Over to you, Daft Punk. 🙂

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